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The VET HDO monitor has enhanced features due to High Definition Oscillometry

A revolutionary solution for veterinary blood pressure measurement!

Technical Benefits

HDO is the first and only validated non-invasive blood pressure device and, as such, it is the only successful non-invasive reference technique that should be used in future validation studies.

Minimal Training - Repeatable and reproducible readings can be obtained after just one hour’s training.

Time required to take five readings is consistent from user to user
HDO High Correlation v Standard Oscillometric - HDO revealed a high correlation with telemetry, indicating that this non-invasive technique allows accurate and reliable blood pressure and pulse rate in manually restrained monkeys, dogs as well as cats.

High Definition Oscillometry allows for easy, fast and stress-free reading of SAP, DAP and MAP

In conclusion, the VET HDO machine allows for the assessment of SAP (Systolic Arterial Pressure), DAP (Diastolic Arterial Pressure) and MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure) within a short time period and ensures good repeatability, even after minimal training (1 Hour). Conversely, differences among investigators were observed regarding speed variability and percentage of successful DAP measurements in Doppler Ultrasonography measurements.

First non-invasive Gold Standard

First non-invasive Gold Standard (AAMI, ACVIM) Martel et al. JFMS 2013

Easy and fast measurements of SAP, DAP, MEAN, Pulse

PWA (pulse wave analysis) for qualitative and quantitative assessment of SV, SVV, CO, arterial compliance (SVR)

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