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HDO explanations - Essential Facts of HDO (in English)

HDO DONNÉES PRINCIPALES (oscillométrie haute définition) (en Français)

INDIRECT BLOOD PRESSURE MEASUREMENT IN CATS – INFLUENCEOFMETHODOLOGY,ENVIRONMENTANDAGE, E. Andersson1, B.J. Reezigt2, J. Häggström1. 1Department of Small Animal Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden. 2 Blå Stjärnans Djursjukhus, Small Animal Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Feline Endocrine Hypertension, by Beate Egner Endocrine hypertension in cats is more prevalent than previously thought. Predominant causes are primary hyperaldosteronism (Conn’s disease), hyperthyroidism and diabetes mellitus ... Eur J Comp An Pract (2015), Autumn 25(3); p50-60; Author Beate I Egner Dr med vet, Kleintierklinik Yvonne Lang, 63755 Hörstein-Alzenau, Germany.

Comparison of Telemetry and High-Definition Oscillometry for Blood Pressure Measurements in Conscious Dogs: This study compared torcetrapib-induced blood pressure (BP) changes simultaneously obtained by high-definition oscillometry (HDO) and telemetry. Torcetrapib, Olivier Meyer, Roland Jenni, Andrea Greiter-Wilke, Alexander Breidenbach, and Henry H Holzgrefe*; Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Copyright 2010 by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Vol 49, No 4 July 2010 Pages 464–471

Comparison of high-definition oscillometry — a non-invasive technology for arterial blood pressure measurement — with a direct invasive method using radio-telemetry in awake healthy cats; This study compared indirect blood pressure measurements using a non-invasive method, high-definition oscillometry (HDO), with direct measurements using a radio-telemetry device in awake cats. Eric Martel, Beate Egner, Scott A Brown, Jonathan N King, Arnaud Laveissiere, Pascal Champeroux and Serge Richard; Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 0(0) 1– 10 © ISFM and AAFP 2013 Reprints and permissions: sagepub.co.uk/journalsPermissions.nav DOI: 10.1177/1098612X13495025 jfms.com; Accepted: 27 May 2013

EFFICACY OF AMLODIPINE ONENDOTHELIAL DYSFUNCTION IN CATS WITH HYPERTENSION; The results show the first time that amlodipine may not only lower blood pressure but also effects PSA in cats with CKD and hyperthyreoidism. Further studies are recommended to strengthen the present results; Kerstin Adler1, Beate Egner2, Klaus Hellmann1, 1 Klifovet AG, Munich, Germany, 2 Small Animal Clinic, Hörstein, Germany (years 2012, 2013, 2014)

EVALUATION OF HDO® (HIGH DEFINITION OSCILLOMETRY) – A NEW NON-INVASIVE BLOOD PRESSURE TECHNIQUE – IN COMPARISON TO INVASIVE MEASUREMENT (HSE-HYDRO SACHS ELECTRONICS) IN ANESTHETISED DOGS; Invasive techniques are regarded as the gold standard however, these are often not clinically applicable in many practices. High Definition Oscillometry (HDO) was evaluated against direct blood pressure as a potential non-invasive alternative. Ch. Baumgartner 1, W. Erhardt 1, Ch. Faltermeier 1, J. Reinert 1, J. Henke 1, B. Egner 2 , I.Haas 3 1 - ZPF (Center of Preclinical Research), Technical University of Munich, Germany, 2 - Center for Small Animals, Hoerstein, Germany, 3 - FZMB Bad Langensalza, Germany (PDF created in 2009)

PREVALENCE OF PRIMARY DISEASES ANDEVIDENCE OF ENDOTHELIAL DYSFUNCTIONIN CATS WITH HYPERTENSION; These results show for the first time that the non-invasive evaluation of EF is possible with HDO-PWA.. Kerstin Adler', Beate Egner2, Klaus Hellmann' Klifovet AG, Munich, Germany 2Small Animal Clinic, Hörstein, Germany

Non invasive pulse Wave analysis: assessing arterial compliance and prognosis of kidney disease Beate Egner ECVIM, Maastricht, 5th September 2012, Pre-Congress day ESVNU & VBPS^

Comparison of HDO (High-Definition Oscillometry) to a direct invasive technique, using radiotelemtric equipment in awake healthy cats; Beate Egner, Jonathan N. King, Arnaud Laveissiere, Eric Martel (PDF created in 2013)